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Introduction top

Welcome to North West Fire and Rescue Services on Delta.
This 'Buyer Profile' and the 'How We Do Business' section have been compiled to assist potential suppliers, contractors and consultants who wish to do business with us.
Follow the relevant links at the bottom of the Supply4NWFire homepage to browse our corporate sites.
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Suppliers can register online via the 'Supplier Registration' tab to receive email updates on opportunities that match their capabilities. Registering your interest online at enables suppliers and buyers to fast track the procurement process and greatly reduce tendering costs.
Guides and a FAQ section are available to make as user friendly as possible.
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Organisation Details top

Organisation Name: North West Fire and Rescue Service
Address: Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service,
Service Headquarters,
Bridle Road,
L30 4YD.
Phone: 0151 296 4000

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
146 Bolton Road
Swinton, Manchester
M27 8US
0161 736 5866

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service
Garstang Road
Telephone 01772 862 545


Contact(s) Details top

Title:    Ms
Given Name:    Angela
Surname:    Hague

Title:    Ms
Given Name:    Sharon
Surname:    Matthews

Title:    Mr
Given Name:    Sam
Surname:    Pickles

Purchase Plans top

- Description of scheduled purchases, plans, policy and practices.

Purchasing Policy/Procurement Policy

The procurement teams across the region are responsible for operating an efficient and effective function to support the core role of the Fire Services in a way that provides value for money for taxpayers. In August 2010 we established a geographically dispersed, 'virtual' procurement team in the North West to deliver further significant improvements in procurement activity across the region. The strategy of this team is to:

- Share resources through collaboration, improving purchasing power to obtain better products, services and cost savings
- Avoid duplication of effort
- Let regional contracts where it is appropriate

Our main focus is:

Collaborative procurement
- Improve collaboration within the region, identifying opportunities to develop more efficient and effective methods for delivering strategic procurement.
- Use technology effectively across the region to streamline processes; reducing processing costs for the Fire Services and their suppliers.

Purchasing Practices/Procurement Procedures

NWFRS purchases a wide range of products and services. These include:

- IT supplies & services
- Uniform
- Equipment
- Vehicles & spares
- Cleaning
- Planned and reactive maintenance
- Travel services (including car hire, hotels, air and rail travel)
- Management consultancy
- Training and development
- Estate services
- Stationery and consumables
- Print
- Furniture and furnishings
- HR and Health Services

Other Informationtop

- Additional purchasing information.

1) Public Procurement guidelines

Local Authorities in the United Kingdom are subject to the UK Public Procurement Regulations, which implement relevant European Directives. The regulations are designed to open up the EUs public procurement market to competition, to prevent unlawful discrimination and to promote the free movement of goods and services.

All contracts for services, supplies or works which will exceed the defined thresholds will be advertised in the Official Journal of European Union and on the NWFRS E-Tendering web site.

For full guidance on the public procurement regulations, go to; The following notes highlight particular aspects of the European Union Regulations:

The Public Procurement Regulations apply in respect of contracts for the purchase of goods, services or works which, over the lifetime of the contract, are expected to require that payments are made to the contractor in excess of the relevant threshold. In this context, the contract value will include the cost of consumables and/or maintenance if these are explicitly included in the contract or if, in practice, there is no real alternative supplier. There are provisions prohibiting the sub-division of contracts into smaller lots in order to avoid the Regulations.

The thresholds for the application of the Public Procurement Regulations were most recently revised with effect from 1 January 2018:

- Supplies contracts 181,301 (EU 200,000)
- Services contracts 181,301 (EU 200,000)
- Works contracts 4,551,413 (EU 5,000,000)

In all cases the figures are exclusive of VAT.

2) Sustainability

Each of the four Authorities within NWFRS follows a sustainability policy in keeping with their corporate objectives.

As a headline summary, NWFRS is committed to:
- Complying with environmental legislation and regulatory requirements; aiming to perform at a higher level than required
- Promoting sustainable procurement practices throughout our supply chain
- Developing awareness of sustainable procurement with internal stakeholders
- Ensuring that where appropriate, suppliers environmental credentials are, as far as legally practicable, considered in the supplier evaluation process and that environmental criteria are used in the award of contracts.
- Minimising waste throughout the supply chain
- Researching and following guidance relating to the environment, including education and training for our staff
- Encouraging suppliers and contractors to support our initiative by taking their own action

3) Equality and diversity

Promoting equality and diversity through public sector procurement is important. Everyone in our communities has a right to expect that public money is spent on goods and services which suit their needs and that it is spent in a way which promotes equality of opportunity and delivers high quality goods and services.

The Authorities within the NWFRS have a statutory duty to ensure that public money is spent in a way that ensures value for money and doesnt lead to unfair discrimination. The Equality Act (2010) contains various prohibitions on discrimination on the grounds of race, sex and disability in the provision of goods, facilities and services. The NWFRS expects suppliers and contractors to comply with all relevant legislation, and incorporate this as a requirement into all its contracts.


Introduction |  Organisation Details  | Contact(s) Detail
Purchase Plans  | Other Information